Finally An Affordable and Working Daily Backlinks Service

Get top Google results with our proven working link building service with niche specific huge link diversification and day to day backlinks.

There is no cheaper link building solution out there that works with latest Google search engine changes. See results of our customer sites within first month of using our service below:


Customer Site 1 Before

Site 1 Before

Customer Site 1 After First Month of Using Our Service

Site 2 Before

Customer Site 2 Before

Site 2 Before

Customer Site 2 After First Month of Using Our Service

Site 2 Before

Awesome right? For only 39$ per month you could get similar results.

Why our service complies with latest Google changes?


  • Daily Link Building – Our service offers daily backlinks to your website. Those backlinks are not in high volume but low volume but high quality. Google does not like seeing spikes of backlinks once or twice a month, but they like to see a nice steady flow of backlinks coming to your website.
  • Niche Specific Backlinks – Most of the backlinks you will get will be specific to your website niche or at least general niche. Our program searches for all related places to post the link-back and also scrapes your competitor backlinks and posts them there.
  • Anchor and Link Diversification – You can include 2-5 inner pages and we backlink those pages also. You can give us as many anchor keywords as you wish + we add some generic anchor keywords. This is how Google likes to see things this days and Yes it works!
  • No spammed sites – You will not gain backlinks from already spammed sites with thousands of backlinks already on it. We use filters to avoid such spammed sites in order for you to gain only quality backlinks.


Link diversification is huge and that is not all. Based on the keywords you target all the top 10 sites competing in that niche get analized and their backlinks get scraped. From that list program starts finding places to post link-back to your website. This way you steal most of the backlinks from competitors and eventually you outrank them, cool right?


What type of backlinks can you expect?

Over 20 types of backlinks – That includes social bookmarks, article directories, site directories, blog comments on niche specific blog posts, backlinks from document sharing sites, posts on guest books, forum profiles and posts on niche based sites, image comments on niche sites, social networks, social signals, pingbacks and trackbacks and much much more…

Subscription is 39$ per month that is for 1 website and up to 5 inner pages and unlimited anchor keywords

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Ok so lets recap what you get for that price and what we will do for you.


Daily backlinks

Monthly report of all created backlinks to your email

1 website and up to 5 inner pages per monthly subscription

unlimited anchor keywords to use

pinging and indexing service will be used on all created backlinks

Subscription is 39$ per month that is for 1 website and up to 5 inner pages and unlimited anchor keywords

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P.S… Offer is going fast we take only 100 websites first round, get your spot for 39$/month asap!
P.P.S.. You can order more packages if you want backlinks for more websites of yours.
P.P.P.S.. You will be redirected to submit form after payment where we request information from you or you can directly contact me on

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